Making room for more partitions, was: Re: [Techtalk] RH9: pah. Gentoo?

Conni ccovingt at
Thu Jun 26 12:33:07 EST 2003

On Jun 26, Akkana Peck conjectured:

> Eeva writes:
> > I've heard that Knoppix can boot most anything, you might want to try
> > that for rescuing.
> Even Knoppix can't boot a Vaio CD, at least not without the magic
> incantation.  I posted earlier about the magic Vaio CD incantation,
> but now I"m wondering if my posting made it to the list, since Conni
> never reported on whether it helped.  In any case, the incantation is to

I got it, and I wrote it down, but I didn't actually try it.  I gave up at
the idea of a CD install before that.  -_-

Then i decided to try gentoo, but it won't load right either.  (I tried
the CD that won't work on the vaio on my gateway, and it's happily
chugging away at a gentoo installation right now.)  So I got a friend to
help me, and he got Debian woody to work, except for the X config, which
was a pain when I installed RH 7 initially.

The gentoo cd gets partway through the right installation boot sequence,
then gives up.  I wonder if having a functional installation of ~anything~
will help fix that.  (I haven't tried again yet.)

> Redhat up through 8.0 did this automatically.  What a bummer that they
> removed their Vaio CD support in Redhat 9!  I wonder why?  

i know, it's weird.  I didn't have (much) trouble installing 7.2, never
tried 8.x.  So I guess I'll try a different distro.  *shrugs*


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