[Techtalk] updatedb hard drive thrashing

Mary mary-linuxchix at puzzling.org
Mon Jun 23 11:07:46 EST 2003

On Sun, Jun 22, 2003, Carla Schroder wrote:
> "Find" has a lot of options, and offers precision and flexibility that 
> "locate" doesn't. Linking "find" to "locate" doesn't seem like a good idea to 
> me. But that does sound like what is happening.

I think it's a GUI find utility that's linked to locate, rather than the
command line find. I assume the command line find on this RH system is
the same as find on other GNU systems.

I imagine the utility in question is much like Windows' "Find Files or
Folders" utility, in which case using the locate database would make
sense because (a) that type of utility is not going to take advantage of
the options that command-line find provides (b) people usually use that
utility for the same thing they use locate for - searching their entire
hard drive for a file, rather than what they use find (command line
find) for, which is searching for a file with particular properties in a
more limited area, like a home directory.


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