[Techtalk] XP with Linux

2xthefun 2xthefun at madbbs.com
Sun Jun 15 23:27:15 EST 2003

I have a nice little 32MB thumb drive.  OfficeMax had them on sale for $10 so 
I couldn't resist.  Too bad it's not supported in linux.  Pretty handy 
otherwise though.

Thanks for your tips, and Mary too. I'll try them in a few minutes.  Although 
I have a feeling I'll have to reinstall RH.  *sighs* 

>===== Original Message From millward at Ms.UManitoba.CA =====
>To Deanna Dunker
>  Sounds awful, but we all know computers
>are rude.
>   And its nice to see someone 'plug'
>Slackware. It's an excellent OS.
>Can you do this command as root
>     ls -l /dev/hdc5
>To see what permissions /dev/hdc5 has.
>I'd expect to see the result as something like:
>  brw-rw---- 1 root disk blah   date-of-creation  /dev/hdc5
>If not, I'd be tempted to change permissions as root:
>   chmod 660 /dev/hdc5
>This should allow owner and group to write to it.
>Cheer up! If RH9 has no essential data on it, you
>can just do a new RH9 install over your present RH9
>and write over the MBR with GRUB. There are those
>who claim the GRUB /etc/grub.conf has to be within
>the first 8 Gigs of the hard drive, but mine is way
>over that limit and it boots every time.
>   It's about time Red Hat allowed the installer to
>create a bootable CD during the install, that is,
>for those systems with burners installed. Floppies
>are dying off and the Flash/USB have not yet
>replaced them.
>   The floppy disk drive is suppose to be 'dead',
>but you notice its really the user that 'dies' from
>not having one installed. When you have time,
>take a look at those Flash memory modules
>with the USB connectors as a floppy disk substitute.
>Flash/USB  $150    floppy disk drive  $20
>Guess which one the industry wants to kill off?
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