[Techtalk] formatting half a mirrored raid...

Maria Blackmore mariab at cats.meow.at
Fri Jun 13 01:20:20 EST 2003

On Thu, 12 Jun 2003, Walt wrote:

> I just installed three shiny new 73 gb scsi drives
> to replace my existing dual ide mirrored raid.

Cool :)

> I was configuring the new raid and typed:
> mke2fs -j /dev/hdd1 instead of ... /dev/sdd1


> However, I stopped crying, remount the old
> ide raid and everything seems to be there.

yay :)

> Did I actually format the drive?

If I could take a moment to be pedantic, what mke2fs is doing is making a
filesystem, the drive is itself already formatted.

What you actually do, though? Did you interrupt mke2fs?

If you interrupted it, the chances are that what happened is that the
software raid system would have treated it as a drive failure, and
resynced the missing data for you already

> And if so, what do I need to do to re-mirror that data in case
> something happens to the "other half"?

Presumably you are using the multiple devices software raid, in which
case, let's have a quick look at the output from "cat /dev/mdstat", which
should look a little like this:

md0 : active raid5 sdc2[2] sdb2[1] sda2[0]
      1542016 blocks level 5, 4k chunk, algorithm 0 [3/3] [UUU]

If it's resyncing any data, it will say so here.

Don't panic! :)


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