[Techtalk] Lost the fstab - now what?

Meredydd meredydd at everybuddy.com
Thu Jun 12 20:25:51 EST 2003

mount /dev/wherever / -o remount -o rw

That command remounts the root partition read-write, so you can edit stuff. As 
Maria mentioned, rescue disks are also useful here.

Incidentally, the reverse command (with "-o ro" rather than "-o rw") is useful 
if you're about to do something that might screw your machine up something 
terrible - a nice case of mechanical amnesia covers a multitude of sins :)


On Wednesday 11 June 2003 19:36, PMarshall at flyingrhino.com wrote:
> I wrote a little script that removes the fstab and writes a new one in its
> place to enable the removal of mobile bay hard drives.  It's worked great
> on 4 separate machines.  On the fifth one, the fstab got removed, but never
> rewritten and now the machine won't boot.  It goes into repair mode, but
> doesn't allow me to copy the backed up fstab (fstab.old) to fstab.  It
> complains that it's in read-only mode.  How do I get this beast to allow me
> to modify the files?
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