[Techtalk] Yahoo Account access

Tracey Grrl Geek grrliegeek at elenari.net
Tue Jun 10 17:32:55 EST 2003


I have a Yahoo account, and just tested it. I am not having the same
problem. What I would suggest which might clear things up is to delete
your cache, clear your history, and delete all cookies. In Mozilla /
Netscape this is under

Edit - Preferences - Advanced - Cache - Clear Cache
Edit - Preferences - History - Clear History
Edit - Preferences - Privacy & Security - Cookies - Managed Stored Cookies

That should fix it.

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And it was said by Subba Rao-->
> Hi,
> I have a user account on Yahoo.  My browsers (Mozilla & Netscape) have
> been configured to connect to http://my.yahoo.com at startup, I have
> never logged out of the Yahoo account.

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