[Techtalk] Fiber optics ?

Maria Blackmore mariab at cats.meow.at
Mon Jun 9 13:10:40 EST 2003

On Mon, 9 Jun 2003, Kristina Jareckaite wrote:

> 1. Firstly, what vendors would be best to choose if I need 2 switches with a 
> single optic port, other ports being standard ether? As far as I know, the 
> most popular ones are AVAYA, Cisco Catalyst and HP ProCurve, still I was 
> unable to get information about products that would bestly accopmplish my 
> needs. Also, what maximum distance would be allowed?


I think your best bet would be to stick with conventional switches and
invest in media convertors.

You can get multimode fibre 100BaseT media convertors quite easily and
comparatively cheaply nowadays, this should be good for about 3 km.

> 2. What technical characteristics of the fiber cable would be required if it 
> would be placed in air between the buildings?

You need external grade, UV rated, armoured cable, and appropriate anchor
points on the buildings.  Best to buy some with multiple spare fibres in
it, just in case.  You should be able to obtain between single pair and 16
pair armoured fibre relatively cheaply, there should be places that will
sell you a cable with tails and fibre connectors already attached, or
install your very own mini fibre plant for you to plug things into.

I would very strongly recommend that you use fibre between all locations,
since you may otherwise run into some wonderful galvanic effects that will
leave you with smouldering network ports.

Failing this, since the buildings are so close, you may find more joy with
using point to point laser links.

Have fun :)

Oh, I hope there aren't many pidgeons if you go for laser, one of my
friends got a letter from the local authority about his company's laser
connection.  This was apparently after complaints of dead/blinded pidgeons
falling in front of his building, and hitting people using the doorway to
a shop below.  Coupled with the small pile of dead pidgeons outside, they 
apparently thought this was a health hazard.



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