[Techtalk] Configuring local CUPS printer on Slackware

Subba Rao subba9 at cablespeed.com
Sat Jun 7 20:56:13 EST 2003


I have a HP Deskjet printer connected to my Slackware 9 system.  At bootup
the cupsd server is started up.  In the cupsd.conf  I have the following
items defined:

ServerName myhost.xyz.com
ServerAdmin admin at myhost.xyz.com

Apart from this I haven't changed anything else. I have restarted the cupsd

Using the Browser on port 631,  I have add a printer and then a class. When I
try to print a test page I get this following error message:

You don't have permission to access the resource on this server.

The cupsd server does prompt me for userid/password for which I use the root
and root password.

Why am I getting this error?  Do I need to creat class first then printer or
vice versa? Does that sequence really matter?

Subba Rao
subba9 at cablespeed.com
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