[Techtalk] Problem in System Log

Elizabeth Barham lizzy at soggytrousers.net
Thu Jun 5 18:23:25 EST 2003

"Mohammad" writes:

> When I start my system its show " Starting system logger       [ failed ]"
> yesterday my system was working fine, after this problem my system go too 
> slow, even from my win98 client pc I can not logon on linux pc, on win98 its 
> show only linux version, even on server in non-graphical terminal when I 
> enterd login name its does not show password message, means its hang on 
> login prompt.

Two options to resolve this come to mind:

 1) At the boot prompt, type in the word "single" so as to boot into
    single-user mode. This should keep various services from starting,
    such as syslog, and you may be able to look around and determine
    the problem.

 2) Use a rescue disk.

(2) is probably better, however, as you may be having trouble with
files in the /etc directory, such as /etc/pam.d.

Anyway, once you get in, try running e2fsck on your unmounted file


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