[Techtalk] Re-installing GRUB, dual boot win2k

Tracey Grrl Geek grrliegeek at elenari.net
Wed Jun 4 14:12:47 EST 2003

I have asked before, so as a friendly reminder, Please do not cc me on
replies to list mail. I receive the list mail, so a cc to me means I get
duplicate messges. Merci.

Thanks to all the people who have responded so far! To clarify - I am not
looking to set up LILO, I would rather keep GRUB. When I get home I'll
post my /etc/fstab. Briefly, the problem seems to be that Linux is on
hdb. I have made sure that both Windows on hda and Linux on hdb are
within the first 8G of their respective drives. Do I need to put the
/boot partition on the first drive hda, is that where my problem lies? It
is currently the first parition on hdb (hdb0).

Pat had written:
> I have a 40GB drive

Your situation is different than mine. You have all partitions on one
disk. As I said, I have two disks. Windows on hda (c:) and Linux on hdb,
and that is why I am having difficulty. However, I saw your second
message with the instructions for linux.bin and boot.ini. I had done
this, but I will look in my boot.ini to see if it has the "C:\linux.bin="

Carla: I'm not sure that I need to make the 2nd drive the boot drive
(which I believe my bios can do). I had followed the instructions for
setting up GRUB to boot Windows & Linux. It will not boot Windows (it
just comes back to the GRUB menu). When that failed I followed the
instructions to have the NT boot loader boot either. The NT boot loader
will not boot Linux (I get "GRUB" and nothing else I think). GRUB will
not load Windows (and I have put in all the correct settings, I can copy
them to the list when I get home).

If necessary, I can make hdb the boot drive, and do the map thing.
However, this discussion gives me an idea of listing the boot order as

Hm, I will try that and see what happens. However, the problem is
happening after the bios passes control over to the boot loader. At least
I have a few options for troubleshooting, so thanks everyone :)

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