[Techtalk] Re-installing GRUB, dual boot win2k

PMarshall at flyingrhino.com PMarshall at flyingrhino.com
Tue Jun 3 16:14:23 EST 2003

I just got finished loading my laptop with a triple boot, WIN98, WIN2K and
Red Hat 8.0 setup.  I'll dig up the details as soon as I get home and send
them to you.  It wasn't too hard and WIN2K handles all the boot stuff after
a little tweaking.  The most important thing to remember is to have all the
installs within the first 8GB of space on the drive.  I have a 40GB drive
and made one 2GB partition for WIN98, one 3GB partition for Win2K, one 3GB
partition for Red Hat and two partitions from the remaining space to load
applications and keep data files.  After I figured out the 8GB limitation,
all went very smoothly.


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Do you know if this tutorial covers a dual boot where Windows is on hda
and Linux is on hdb? I've run into this problem myself, and currently
have to boot Linux from a floppy, and Windows from the NT boot loader.
I've Googled & researched, and found people who made a dual boot work
with Linux on hda and Windows on hdb but not the other way around.

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And it was said by Carla Schroder-->
> On Tuesday 03 June 2003 9:46 am, Beth Johnson wrote:
>> I've looked at the GRUB documentation, which is very confusing to me
>> with a lot of warnings in it.  Is it really as hard as they make it
>> out to be?  How can I get GRUB back in the MBR to handle booting to
>> Linux or win2k?
> Try this:
> http://www-106.ibm.com/developerworks/edu/l-dw-linux-ltn-i.html
> The first part is all about GRUB.
> Yes, it requires registration. Takes 30 seconds and they do not spam
> you.
> cheers,
> Carla
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