[Techtalk] Apache, abuse and nonexistent domains.

Dan Richter daniel.richter at wimba.com
Tue Feb 25 15:05:25 EST 2003

> > Nevertheless, the case you mentioned was a legitimate e-mail that was
> > mistaken for spam. But there is no legitimate reason to use a web
> > server as an SMTP proxy, is there?
>I can't think of one, but I still think it's worth checking before you
>request that someone's account be closed.

Yes, you're right. I'm just going to write a script that will run as a cron 
job, and I'll take care of them manually. The fact that I made such a 
simple mistake (not looking at the port) suggests that I'm not ready to 
automate the process, at least not for a good while.

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