[Techtalk] Server was hacked into; looking for tips on how to secure it

Jessica Smith crystalsinger at mail.com
Mon Feb 24 17:44:06 EST 2003

Hi again Jen,

I should also mention that tools which allow you to "eyeball" your server 
can also be useful for managing security. I have HotSaNIC on my server, and 
although it's not really a security tool I have caught unusual data 
spikes/CPU usage, etc., which have helped me to spot things that are 
candidates for security problems.

My server hasn't been hacked yet - so far as I know - but it's reassuring 
to have a few different ways of "seeing what's going on" on your server, 
and an eyeopener to realise just how many script-kiddies are out there 
trying to find an easy way in.

Of course, the *really* scary spooks are the ones that you'll never know 
were there...  :-)


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