[Techtalk] networking/iptables/security course?

Bowen, Tricia tbowen at CapitalThinking.com
Tue Feb 18 11:19:55 EST 2003

Hey Hamster,
To bad VPN is not going to be covered in the basic class. Let me know if
you're going to do an advance networking class after the basic is finished. 

Does anyone have a good networking book recommendations? One that covers
security (VPN...). 


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> I need to figure out how to get VPN
> running on both the laptop and the desktop concurrently, but haven't been
> able to structure my time to pay enough attention to it. A course would
> help.

Thanks for your reply, however VPN is outside the scope of a beginners
networking course. The plan is to cover a simple home network - two or three
computers sharing a single connection to the internet (dialup or

It will be aimed at people who dont understand networking very well, and if
you know what a VPN is and have assessed that its the solution you need for
situation, then you've already advanced beyond the course I was planning on
leading :-)


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