[Techtalk] networking/iptables/security course?

Hamster hamster at hamsternet.org
Tue Feb 18 16:31:45 EST 2003

Dear List Members,

If I were to run any or all of the following courses, is there anyone here
interested in participating?

1. Basic Networking - introduction to basic concepts and setting up a small
home network.

2. Basic Security - why should I care if someone breaks into my home
network, and what can I do to minimise the risk of that happening.

3. Basic Iptables - writing a simple script that can be used to protect your
home network.

All these courses will be aimed at beginners - prerequisites will include
nothing more than a basic sentience and a large amount of willingness to learn
something new. They wont be courses where I just say "to achieve this, type
that" - my aim is to provide enough understanding so you can have a go at
figuring things out for yourself. Of course, the whole point is that if you
dont understand something, this is the place to ask!

Please let me know which course(s) you are interested in, and if its more than
one, which order you'd like them to be run in! 


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