[Techtalk] Configuring tab completion

Hamster hamster at hamsternet.org
Mon Feb 17 16:47:53 EST 2003


> Under most Linux systems (that I know of), when you hit Tab and the choice 
> is ambiguous, it displays a list of choices. However, I have seen one 
> system that allows you to Tab through the choices (i.e., hitting Tab once 
> displays the first possibility, hitting it again displays the second 
> possibility, etc.). Is there a way to configure this?

The file you need is /etc/basch_completion.

/usr/share/doc/bash-completion-<version> is where the doc sits, and unique to
my mdk system is a file
usr/share/doc/mandrake/en/Command-Line.html/cmdline-completion.html which other
distros might have a similar version of.


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