[Techtalk] Up-to-date Zope documentation?

Terri Oda terri at zone12.com
Sun Feb 16 19:00:33 EST 2003

A friend and I installed Zope this weekend so we could play with a bit and,
hopefully, use it to get our less technically-oriented friends contributing
to the website more easily.  (eg: people are interested in sharing recipes,
since we fairly frequently do potlucks and everyone wants to try making the
new dish that so-and-so brought.)

However, I've found the zope documentation to be a little out of date. 
We're using 2.6, and I'm trying to learn how to do cataloguing and indexing
and searching, since those will be pretty important for the recipes.  I've
been looking through the 2nd edition of the Zope book, and it *looks* like
what I think I want, but it isn't actually up-to-date enough -- the dialogs
have changed just enough that I can't figure out how to set things properly.

Has anyone seen more recent information?  The comments in the book just say
"go join the zope mailing list" and claim that the 2.6 edition will be
updated in a few weeks, but it's been neary 2 months since that post... 
I'll probably join the zope list eventually, but I thought I'd try here
first before subjecting myself to another mailing list.


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