ATA RAID with Promise FatTrack (WAS: Re: [Techtalk] Hello - intro)

Jessica Smith crystalsinger at
Sun Feb 16 17:02:41 EST 2003

Hi Carla,

At 16/02/03 06:32 AM +1100, you wrote:

>Howdy and welcome.

Thanks.  :-)

>Isn't the IDE RAID on this board configured from the BIOS? First connect =
>drives to the Promise controller,  then go through steps to build your ar=
>ray. =20

Yes - if you want to do RAID relying on the Promise driver (no 
updates/bug-fixes, etc.). I'd rather do ATA RAID as supported by the RH 
driver instead.

The RAID native to the Promise controller is described in the ATA RAID 
HOWTO as "fake Hardware RAID... ...using SCSI Emulation", and I'd rather 
get rid of the CPU overhead that this apparently incurs. But I do 
appreciate the suggestion.  :-)



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