[Techtalk] Hello - intro

Jessica Smith crystalsinger at mail.com
Sat Feb 15 20:21:21 EST 2003

Hi all,

I've just joined up to techtalk. I've been subscribed to the Melbourne list 
for a little while and went along to a meeting today. Someone there 
suggested that techtalk would be a good list to be on to pick people's 
brains about some "stuff".  :-)

To wit...

I'm running a RH 7.2 system on a Tyan Thunder LE-T (S2518GNR) mainboard 
with on-board IDE RAID (Promise FastTrack). Spec overview is at 
http://www.tyan.com/products/html/thunderlet.html. My system has 2 x 40GB 
Quantum Fireball 7200RPM drives in it (currently on separate IDE channels).

When I did the initial RH install I played around with trying to get the 
RAID support working, but with no luck. I used the ATA-RAID HOWTO and a 
couple of other installation "guides" that I found on the net as references.

If anyone has experience with getting IDE RAID working on this mainboard in 
particular, or a similar system, or is just an IDE RAID guru, I'd love to 
hear about it.  :-)  I'd still like to get RAID going instead of just doing 
the scripted backup to 2nd disk that I'm using at the moment. The system is 
already in production as a web hosting server, which makes migration a 
little trickier too.

Many thanks,


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