[Techtalk] improving computer usage in schools

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I have my iMac at work set up to dual boot OS 9 and YDL, but I don't get to
play with YDL much, since most of what I futz with on there is (gasp) an
antique version of Microsoft Works for Mac. <g>


On 2/14/2003 22:19, neuroticia at neuroticia.net shared this thought:

> It is true. =] I set up some servers running yellowdog when the company
> wanted to repurpose some old Macs. It's very similar to Redhat, and the
> company is *very* nice. It's like a small homegrown mac-based version of
> Redhat. 
> -Sara
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>> As far as inegrated projects, not a clue.
>> As to distros: Yellow Dog Linux.  It started, I'm told, as Red Hat
>> ported to
>> PPC, effectively; couldn't swear whether that's true or not.
>> http://www.yellowdoglinux.com/
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