[Techtalk] improving computer usage in schools

Piglet listpig at earthlink.net
Sat Feb 15 00:58:52 EST 2003

As far as inegrated projects, not a clue.

As to distros: Yellow Dog Linux.  It started, I'm told, as Red Hat ported to
PPC, effectively; couldn't swear whether that's true or not.



On 2/12/2003 8:57, linux.chick at verizon.net shared this thought:

> I just handed a Knoppix Jr. disk to our principal last week.
> Unfortunately it only runs on Intel processors.  Someone's missing a
> major boat here:  there are tons of schools with old Macs that could use
> a Linux distro geared for kids, and would live to see a livecd but all
> the well-integrated projects I've looked at only work on Intel. We need
> something that will work on PPC!  Anyone know of one?
> regards,
> Beth
> who has major plans for an old box running RedHat and Apache to do a
> WiKi at her kids' elementary school

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