[Techtalk] Infrared with an Acer 612tx---explanations

Rachel McConnell rachel at xtreme.com
Thu Feb 13 02:40:08 EST 2003

Since nobody has (so far) replied, i'll ask the dumb obvious question -
are the two laptops facing each other so they can "see" the other's IR
port?  that's the absolute only thing i know about it, that unlike other
wireless methods, a direct line of sight is needed.

don't give up hope quite yet, from what i have seen a lot of people
don't check the list all that often, or else are too busy to help
immediately.  but someone knowledgable may come out of the woodwork yet.

good luck,

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Hi I'm sorry I've posted the same message two times in the mailing list
but the first time I did 
a stupid mistake sending it with an uncorrect address.
Since no one replied to my mail I suppose there are no hints for me ....
Anyway thanks  all of you and see you the next time! Claudia
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