[Techtalk] improving computer usage in schools

Aguido Horatio Davis horatio at qpsf.edu.au
Wed Feb 12 11:30:23 EST 2003

On Wed, 12 Feb 2003, Lea de Groot wrote:

> I was wondering who here has experience in making this sort of proposal to
> their kid's school, and if anyone can think up anything else that would be
> fun and useful in using their resources?

Zope. Runs on Windows, supports Zwikis and Squishdots and other fun stuff
out of the box, lets you use collaborative learning environments like Fle3
(http://fle3.uiah.fi/) and for the truly ambitious gives you a context to
teach the kids Python (http://www.inetarena.com/~pdx4d/ocn/overcome.html).



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