HOWTO: Elimating query strings from your URLs (Re: [Techtalk] webalizer stats and ?query strings)

Mary mary-linuxchix at
Sun Feb 9 18:19:59 EST 2003

On Thu, Feb 06, 2003, Raquel Rice wrote:
> Aside from the Webalizer problems you're encountering, there are other
> "problems" with creating dynamic web sites using "?" and "&".  Most of
> the big search engines will not index sites with an "?" in the URL.
> mod_rewrite really is your friend here ... and it fixes the Webalizer
> problems.

Based on this discussion and my own recent experience with converting
one of my sites from query strings to file-like URLs, I've written a
little guide to "Usable URIs with Apache":

I didn't use mod_rewrite because I couldn't - but the trick with the
Files section (at the bottom) let me get around this...


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