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I did manage to get ACPI installed in my kernel, but I haven't found much documentation as to what the ACPI interface provides.  I was able to see the battery status, fan status and button status in /proc/acpi 

I would love to find additional information about ACPI and how to use it.  The most important information I would like to find is how to suspend my laptop to disk.


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Right now I'm running Linux on both my laptop and desktop (SUSE 8.1)  Things 
are going swimmingly and last night I started sharing files with NFS.  It 
works slick because right now I don't need to connect to Windows at all.  I 
haven't started Samba yet.  Anyway, I also use my laptop at school and when I 
start the computer up there, it looks and looks for the NFS share which isn't 
there because it's on my network at home.

I've edited the /etc/fstab to time out as soon as possible with options I 
found in man nfs.  However it still takes about five minutes for my computer 
to start up if it can't find my desktop and that isn't acceptable for a 
laptop I start up and shut down a few times a day.

In the start up sequence, the ip addess is assigned before it trys to mount 
the share from my desktop.  Is is possible to put an if statement to check 
the ip addess and start nfs only when I'm on the home network?  Where would I 
put that and how would it be done?

Otherwise I need to get my laptop to suspend and always pick up an ethernet 
connection when it comes out of suspend.  If I plain unplug my ethernet cable 
and plug it in again when I can, it will sometimes pick up and sometimes not.  
I don't know where to go to even find suspend for my laptop.  In the power 
control module it says "Your computer seems to have a partial ACPI 
installation. ACPI was probably enabled, but some of the sub-options were not 
- you need to enable at least 'AC Adaptor' and 'Control Method Battery' and 
then rebuild your kernel."  I tried to do this once by myself and ended up 
getting kernel panic messages and reinstalling linux.

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