[Techtalk] NFS

Mary mary-linuxchix at puzzling.org
Wed Feb 5 10:48:33 EST 2003

On Tue, Feb 04, 2003, Gretchen wrote:
> Right now I'm running Linux on both my laptop and desktop (SUSE 8.1)
> Things are going swimmingly and last night I started sharing files
> with NFS.  It works slick because right now I don't need to connect to
> Windows at all.  I haven't started Samba yet.  Anyway, I also use my
> laptop at school and when I start the computer up there, it looks and
> looks for the NFS share which isn't there because it's on my network
> at home.
> I've edited the /etc/fstab to time out as soon as possible with
> options I found in man nfs.  However it still takes about five minutes
> for my computer to start up if it can't find my desktop and that isn't
> acceptable for a laptop I start up and shut down a few times a day.

Is this your homedir or something that you always need to mount?

If not, you can put a line in your /etc/fstab that looks something like

//frobozz/mp3  /mnt/smb/mp3/frobozz/   smbfs noauto      0       0

That's a samba share on my network, but the key part is the "noauto"
option. I have to type "mount /mnt/smb/mp3/frobozz/" to mount it, it
doesn't mount automatically at boot time.

If you don't want to have to manually type mount, you might need to put
something in your networking scripts to test the IP address.

You might be able to use one of the tools mentioned in the Linux on the



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