[Techtalk] Re: [Newchix] Do you Really Want Us Newbies? Was: How do I shutdown my machine?

dominik.schramm at gmxpro.net dominik.schramm at gmxpro.net
Wed Dec 31 22:07:47 EST 2003


"Experienced Linux geeks are invited to listen in and answer 
questions." .... as the mailing list's description on 
www.linuxchix.org says.

I'm here not for learning but for answering -- although I do 
sometimes learn something new even here! --, and I say:
sure, you're welcome. any question is a valid question in newchix.

I don't know if I always answer appropriately though,
so I'm open for criticism. 
I did support for Win2k in a small company until a year ago,
so I (should) know that not everyone is interested in "the quickest 
way in the long run" or "the technical reason for this and that".

valoriez at drunk.brewdrinkers.com writes:
> [...newbies like me...]. Do you want
> us? I for one will never be using a system that requires me to know a
> bunch of arcane command sequences. I did that using Wordstar in C/PM. 
> I want to use my computer to do some WORK -- I don't want to spend most 
> of my time messing with the OS!

My opinion on newchix from watching for some time:
Maybe some threads should be moved to techtalk right at the 
beginning. The distinction between Techtalk and Newchix is clear 
I think -- "A separate place for people new to Linux & open source, 
or who think their question is 'too stupid'[...]" for Newchix
and "Technical questions and answers, and technical discussion. 
Any level from absolute beginner to kernel hacker." for 
Techtalk (ibid.) -- but maybe the more experienced users should
redirect certain questions to techtalk when they anticipate
that the thread is likely going to be very technical.
Thus, the threads on Newchix may look less intimidating to 
either (1) real beginners or (2) people who (for whatever
reason) are not so interested in technical explanations (yet).


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