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Emma Jane Hogbin <emmajane at xtrinsic.com> writes:
> I'm working with a Gutenberg text using GutenMark. I'm trying to do some
> minor customizations to the document. I'd like (most of) the chapters to
> run into each other. It's a Jane Austen book and she has about a hundred
> chapters which do not need to start on their own pages. (Mostly I'm just
> trying to reduce the page count to something I can actually print out...)

I don't know GutenMark, but after reading the FAQ (and downloading and 
testing the program), I suggest to use the --latex-sections option.
In my just-downloaded install this option does not exist, however.
I edited the LaTeX file and substituted \section for \chapter 
(mind the backslashes!) globally.
During the conversion to LaTeX \section does not seem to be used, and the
result looks like before, only the section headers are smaller than the
chapter headers.

> There must be a config file somewhere that controls the pagination for
> chapters? I know nothing about LaTeX, although I'm quite comfortable with
> XML and HTML markup languages.

There is no such config file. The \chapter command is defined by the
LaTeX documentclass (in this case "book"). You'd have to either 
directly edit the documentclass LaTeX file (called book.cls or something
like this; on my system this is /usr/share/texmf/tex/latex/base/book.cls)
You could also redefine the chapter command, but this is quite a demanding
task and for advanced LaTeX users only. I've tried something similar
once, but there is so much to know to get this to work, so I gave up.

But maybe someone on the list has a working redefinition handy or can 
come up with one?!?

Here are some links about LaTeX. But don't expect too much. They all
suppose you know LaTeX:

Hope this helps anyway

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