[Techtalk] Re: Voice Mail on Linux

Ricky Buchanan rb at tertius.net.au
Wed Dec 31 18:25:05 EST 2003

Brenda Bell wrote:
> Quoting Kathryn Hogg <kjh at flyballdogs.com>:
> > a quick google for linux "voice mail"
> > has turned up
> > http://www.vocpsystem.com/index.php
> > http://linuxindia.virtualave.net/lamhowto.html
> I found these as well, but didn't see anything that sounded like it would
> forward the incoming messages to an email address.  I supposed I'll need to
> give them a spin to see how much I can do.

Try a google search for 'linux answering machine' and many would make it
easy to forward the message to your email box.

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