[Techtalk] OT but I'm desperate.... Windows....!

Sara (Girl with Frazzled Nerves) neuroticia at neuroticia.net
Tue Dec 30 18:39:30 EST 2003

Kevin Krucek wrote:

>I saw your post im haveing the same problem u ever
>find a solution im ready to throw this thing across
>the room. The event id 1001 system crashes what did
>you come up with......
>    Thank you
>   Kevin

Wasn't me, but there seems to be a lot of info about event id 1001 
system crashes avail on Google, including official MS work-arounds. Do a 
search for:  "Event ID 1001" Microsoft   (that is, quotes around the 
first part, followed by an un-quoted Microsoft.)  Seems to have 
something to do with SQL monitoring?

More easily, you could switch to Linux. ;) ;) *nudge nudge*


(The Girl with the frazzled nerves)

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