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Pamela Talene Hale tallists at myway.com
Mon Dec 29 19:54:52 EST 2003

Hello fellow 'chix,

I posted a while back about trying to get debian to install on an IBM xseries 335.  Well, I never did get it to work.  Some magical preload disk apparently existed at one time before the Great Compromise, and those files still have not reappeared.  I am only what you might call an intermediate linux user, so I eventually gave up and installed Suse 8.2 (one of the IBM-supported OS's for that hardware.)

My question is this:  Have you ever used Suse?  Are there pitfalls to it that I should know about?  Is it work another 12 hours of my time to continue pursuing the debian angle instead of just going with Suse?  What about updates and upgrades?  Suse is rmp-based.  Does it have the same problems as Red Hat when it comes time to upgrade to the next distribution (i.e., you have to reinstall everything because the upgrade just breaks things?)  I really hate wasting my time on something that just makes me feel incompetent. :P  Is Suse such a bad choice, or am I just wimping out?


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