[Techtalk] Strange behavior of X Font Server

Yaroslav Fedevych adeveloper at ukr.net
Sun Dec 28 19:12:53 EST 2003

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From: Anthony Gorecki <anthony at futurepoint.com>
> This may not be related to your actual problem, but I encountered the same 
> thing using a custom distribution and found it to be the fault of the fonts 
> themselves. Certain fonts and character sets would be often far smaller than 
> fonts of equivelant size under the same circumstances. 

That's may be so... Or not, and I'm afraid of the latter. It looks more like X font server cannot scale fonts properly under some circumstances (which are mostly mysterious for me). Sometimes, however, the fonts are OK. 

I have discovered that the problems encounter mostly with TrueType fonts. 

The other thing: after recompiling XFree86, I've found Konsole not working with its bitmapped fonts (Small, medium, big, Linux etc). WTH can this be?..

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