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Karen Locke karenl at scrserv.com
Mon Dec 22 15:59:16 EST 2003

Most monitors have on-screen displays for monitor adjustments (width, height, 
centering, convergence, etc).  Some also display a complaint when the PC 
signal goes away, usually white letters on black background.  Do you still 
get this display?

On Monday 22 December 2003 14:15, Raven Alder wrote:
> Heya --
> 	My sigoth's computer is having display issues at the moment.
> (And he's a digital artist, so you can imagine how well not being able
> to see his screen goes over.)  I'm not the queen of hardware, but I know
> people who are...
> 	He's got two hard drives in his box, each with a separate OS
> installed on them, and a sizeable 21" monitor.  Yesterday, the display
> started coming up very very dark.  He set contrast and brightness to
> max, and it's still squinting, what-is-that unusable.  We have removed
> and reloaded the drivers for his graphics card, to no effect.  We have
> swapped out another graphics card for his.  No effect.  We changed out
> the monitor for another known good monitor.  No effect.  Booted into the
> two different operating systems he has on the two different disks.  No
> effect.
> 	The dark effect is pretty much immediate, from the initial BIOS
> screen through whatever you do.  It just doesn't look right.  I am now
> thinking that it might be the AGP slot on the motherboard, but as
> there's only one of those and we don't have a spare mobo of the caliber
> he needs around the house, we haven't tried that yet.
> 	Before we run out and buy a new motherboard, any ideas on what
> else it could be?  Any other detail I can provide?  Thanks in advance,
> hardware gurus.
> Cheers,
> Raven
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