[Techtalk] Re: [FVLUG] Coda VS AFS

Owen Stampflee owen at stampflee.com
Sat Dec 20 15:43:20 EST 2003

I don't have first hand experience with either file system but here is
what I've heard...

Another big problem with Coda is that it's an academic research
project... so the people working on it are never consistant as they
graduate, move, etc, etc.

AFS on the other hand is apparently more robust, but from what Seth
Vidal (of Yum/Fedora fame) has told me, its a very large PITA to setup
and maintain, espically the cooler features such as Laptop mode.

I personally use NFS for it's simplicity and wide spread use and am
considering switching to Samba as of the huge amount of resources being
put into it to make it a true contender.


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