[Techtalk] Educational tools and contacts

Mary mary-linuxchix at puzzling.org
Fri Dec 12 11:51:14 EST 2003

Hey everyone,

I got a mail from the online coordinator for Macquarie University
Postragraduate Professional Development Programs who wants to find out
two things from my LUG, but I'm piggybacking here because I didn't get
enough responses there.

He wants to know about:

 - the range of educational tools Linux has on offer
 - people who know about educational tools on Linux

I know nothing about this, so if people can offer suggestions of
educational tools, that would be excellent.

I think he probably wants Australian contacts (since he's at an
Australian university and contacted a local LUG), but if you happen to
be really really into educational tools and Linux and want to talk to
him despite geographic differences, mail me offlist.

Most of my responses from the LUG were about K-12 or K-6 educational
tools, and since he's a postgraduate education person, he may want some
adult education tools.



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