[Techtalk] vi clones

Ricky Buchanan rb at tertius.net.au
Thu Dec 11 00:07:00 EST 2003

Carlo Hamalainen wrote:
> On Tue, Dec 09, 2003 at 06:48:14PM +0100, Marleen Garcia wrote:
> > Want my .rc? (basic, settable options for writing plain text)
> > http://users.skynet.be/d.lineate/mbn/text/vimrc.txt
> I'm going to explode! That 'iab' thing for automatic abbreviations is
> awesome. So good! :)

Yeah :)

> Here's mine: http://www.uq.net.au/~zzchamal/ch-vimrc
> I mostly edit latex, and so I have a few hot keys for frequent things
> like compiling PDFs and formatting paragraphs somewhat neatly.

Wow, not many!  I usually edit HTML so mine is *totally* different.


Its also a lot longer :)


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