[Techtalk] cpio problems

wendy wendy at laposte.net
Wed Dec 3 18:32:00 EST 2003

Has anybody had problems cpio-ing data from off an XP machine?  I can
back up the XP machine to the linuxbox but I can't move the data from
the home directory to hardrive number 2. With all the other machines
(Win98s and MEs), a cpio of My Documents works great. Would it be the
configuration files that are included in the Documents and Settings of
XP that gives my linuxbox fits? The data totals about 2 GB...is this too
much for a cpio?  (The 2nd hard drive is formatted FAT32, so it can't be
a question of permissions. The XP machine is also on a FAT32 partition
and the data is transferred from the XP to the Linuxbox with a


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