[Techtalk] Debian -> Gentoo

Ricky Buchanan rb at tertius.net.au
Mon Dec 1 05:08:27 EST 2003

Appologies in advance if I already asked this.  Brainscramble :\

I have a Debian system sync'd to the current "unstable" distribution.

Since reading more and more about Gentoo I am thinking more and more I'd
love to run it.  There are several important programs (Mutt and TF, to
name two) which I need to manually download and compile because I need
different compilation options than Debian defaults too (eg in Mutt I
need --enable-buffy-size but the maintainer doesn't like it - I asked
:\) and others where I like to run the most up to date dev version but
only the stable version is packaged.

I know gentoo fixes the first problem, but does it fix the second?

Also, is there any way to "side-grade" my running system from Debian to
Gentoo without actually delting everything and starting from scratch?
Really I just want to get rid of apt, swap in Emerge, change whatever is
inecessary and *boom*.  But I imagine it's not that simple.

Does anybody here even RUN gentoo and if so would they be willing to
talk to me about it?


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