[Techtalk] Re: [Courses] New to this list, so, hi!

Robyn Manning rmanning at adam.com.au
Wed Aug 27 19:50:35 EST 2003

On Wed, 2003-08-27 at 18:44, joe shindlin wrote:

> I am following a small guide on oneeyedcrow on
> shutting of X from listening on those port's, but i
> can't seem to find the interface name, i try 'X11+',
> 'X+', 'x11+', 'x+'...
> How would i go about finding the name, if there's a
> program that tell's you i would love to know, or
> possibly i'm adding to my 'rc.firewall' script
> incorrectly, at any rate, some input would be great. 
> Joe.

Hi Joe

There are other mailing lists on Linuxchix including Techtalk which is a
good forum for tech questions etc.

Your answer would be to nmap the IP address of the box in question here
it's myself and you can see that port 6000/tcp is open for X11.

Starting nmap 3.30 ( http://www.insecure.org/nmap/ ) at 2003-08-27 19:42
Interesting ports on kanga (
(The 1641 ports scanned but not shown below are in state: closed)
Port       State       Service
22/tcp     open        ssh
139/tcp    open        netbios-ssn
6000/tcp   open        X11

In your firewall script you'd have to close port 6000. Or stop 'X' from
doing it in the first place which I think you can do. Somehow?


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