[Techtalk] Really dumb filename question...

Hamster hamster at hamsternet.org
Tue Aug 26 17:19:01 EST 2003


> If you're more awake than I was, you'll realized that I probably forgot to
> put a file name in there.  You probably also realized that I now have an
> archive named '--exclude=*.exe'.  Ooops!

First off, this is not a dumb question at all :-) Sounds like a good
challenge to me.

I have a couple of ideas, no idea if they'll work.

First off, when it starts with a dash, sometimes you have to give it a path,
so try:

rm ./-*

and that should remove all files starting with a dash. You'll have to be in
the dir the file is in for this to work.

If this doesnt work we can try unlinking it manually. But I'd like to see if
this works first :-)


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