[Techtalk] differential backups...

Julie txjulie at austin.rr.com
Mon Aug 25 21:28:29 EST 2003

Walt wrote:
> I'm using a 240 gb IDE array as a weekly backup to a
> scsi array. So, I copied over everything the first time.
> Now, how can I copy over again but only the updated
> or new files? Is it possible to do this simply?

Others have mentioned "rsync".  I use "cp -a" for such
things.  I also use a tape drive ;-)  What I'd like to
find is a fast tool which, if given two directories will
list all the files in directory "a" which are not in
directory "b".  That way I could archive those files
somewhere and then delete them from disk.

What I really need is a bigger tape drive.  I also need
compression support for the Seagate drive I've got as I
can't get Linux to turn hardware compression on.  I run
Win2K in a VMWare guest, and it can turn on compression
when using the generic SCSI interface, but Linux has no
idea how to do the same thing.  On the other hand, I'm
getting somewhere between 30 and 40GB per tape using
software compression with "tar", so perhaps I should
avoid hardware compression.

And speaking of backups, has anyone used a DVD+RW drive
on RedHat 9?
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