[Techtalk] differential backups...

jas at spamcop.net jas at spamcop.net
Mon Aug 25 12:26:46 EST 2003

Quoting Walt <pippin at freeshell.org>:

> James (jas at spamcop.net) wrote:
> >rsync is probably the tool you're after. Set up an rsync server on one
> >machine
> >(probably the IDE one), then run rsync as a client on the other machine.
> >
> >http://samba.anu.edu.au/rsync/
> >
> >Your situation is, AFAICS, exactly the scenario described on the Examples
> >page
> >of that site?
> Not quite, since the ide and scsi raids are in the
> same physical box, but still, this idea might work.
> I can just set it up as a rsync server and sync
> from one location to another, possibly...?

You could - but in this case, it's much easier to run it locally. (Also in the 
Examples page, under 'backup to a spare disk'.)

Something like:

rsync -a /home /backup-home

should do the job; explore the options ("man rsync"), and you might find some 
useful changes (not deleting files from the backup when they're deleted from the 
main drive, for example?)


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