[Techtalk] running windows apps via network?

Bowen, Tricia tbowen at CapitalThinking.com
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I use rdesktop on my linux box to connect to a windows network server. The
other option is to use VNC by running a VNC Server on the windows machine
and running the VNC client on your linux box to connect to the server.

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Hi everyone..  This is part of a footnote from section 1.2 of Wine's
user docs:

"Technically, if you have two networked computers, one running Windows
and the other running Linux, and if you have some sort of X server
software running on the Windows system, you can export Linux
applications onto the Windows system."

I'm about to be given an old computer, and I'd really like to do the
opposite with it..  That is, I'd like to run MS Windows on the free
computer to run a few things Wine has trouble with, and access them via
network from my Linux X-Windows desktop.

Does anyone know how this might be possible?  Just point me in the right
direction and I can figure out the details when I have the system to
mess with.  ^.^  Thanks!


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