[Techtalk] Problems with KPPP

Maria Blackmore mariab at cats.meow.at
Tue Aug 19 17:23:00 EST 2003

On Tue, 19 Aug 2003, Sara wrote:

> I'm trying to use my laptop with an external modem, but kppp doesn't
> work. I know the modem is OK, because I'm using it right now with my old
> computer.

Hmm, what about the cable?

> I'm running a Debian "mixed", mostly unestable (in case that info is
> useful) and on starting kppp the modem is recognized. The problem is
> that some times, when I open the register window, instead of reading the
> usual commands (ATZ, OK, dialing...)  I read symbols like "@i" and the
> app seems to be hanged.

Strange symbols when dealing with serial applications usually indicates
mismatched DCE/DTE speeds or a dodgy cable/socket.  Both of these are
worth checking out, I think.

The easiest thing to check out is the socket, by using a paperclip to
bridge pin 2 and pin 3 on the serial port and doing a loopback test (use
something like minicom), and see if what you type in is reliably displayed
back to you, try at all the port speeds available, especially higher ones.

NB:- MAKE SURE that you get the pins right and on the RIGHT PORT if you do
this, I will not be held responsible because you fried something by
connecting a power rail to ground!  use this

> Other times it starts OK but it seems to hang on "adjusting volume".
> When it seems that everything is OK (no starnge symbols and no volume
> adjusting) then it dials but then it hangs: "no dial tone".

Is this being reported by the modem?

> I know that there is, because just connecting in that moment the modem
> to my other computer everything is OK.

Heisenberg had stuff to say on this, the act of observing changes what
you're observing.  OK so that's only usually percievable when you're
dealing with atomic and subatomic particles, but my point is that the act
of swapping the cable from one machine to another may be affecting or
moving/wiggling a connection to the telephone line.

>  Also, at the shell from where I start the app it appears the error
> "no able to open resolv.conf". I've copied that file from my old
> computer to the pppd directory in the laptop, but it doen seem to
> work. I've been takeing a look at the ppd directoy, and reading the
> kppp file, but I've run out of ideas.

What does your resolv.conf have in it? and who is it owned by, and what
permissions are there on it?

Good Luck


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