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Robyn Manning rmanning at adam.com.au
Tue Aug 19 00:01:36 EST 2003


Install XP first and then RedHat an install the bootloader into the MBR.
My XP has not had a problem with sharing the drive with win98 and Redhat
9. I don't chose to repair boot record problems when I run Norton Utils

I should be asking about mounting NTFS also.



On Mon, 2003-08-18 at 22:49, - - wrote:
> Hi,
> Sorry to bother you again.
> I just got my reformat done. And am going to reinstall the RedHat. But I am not sure where to install the bootloader: I have a boot partition and using GRUB. The 1st time I installed the bootloader into the 1st sector of the boot partition. But it didn't work. The 2nd time I installed the bootloader into the MBR. But many people said that XP gets very upset to see other OS's bootloader. Althought it seemed to be working(in terms of I can boot into both XP and RedHat), I couldn't mount the NTFS by recompiling the kernel. 
> Where should I install the bootloader? Please advice.
> Thanks very much
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