[Techtalk] Dualboot on my laptop

Rebecca Jones jones.rebecca at comcast.net
Thu Aug 7 19:37:29 EST 2003

I've finally decided to stop hemming and hawing and go ahead and turn my 
laptop into a dual boot machine.  I keep sitting on my hands saying I need to 
learn more before I do anything drastic.  Besides, *needing* to fix whatever 
I break will be great incentive to finish learning.  ;-)  The only problems 
is the sucky recovery disk type they give with it.  (As discussed in an 
earlier thread)  I saw the below quote in that thread and it sounded too good 
to be true.

Start quote .....

Check out http://www.mondorescue.org  Mondoarchive is a full featured backup 
and disaster recovery system.  It will bare-metal restore any (linux, BSD, 
MSwin) system from CD, NFS server, tape...  It handles NTFS partitions by 
doing a "ghost" image since it cannot write individual  files there.  The 
current devel branch has code to image only the  _data-filled_ parts of the 
NTFS partition thus reducing the image size.

Using mondoarchive to back up your newly installed XP, after you install
linux also, will allow you to do the equivalent of the "restore" CD[0] without 
losing the linux stuff...

end quote ...

I checked out the site and it looks like you need to already have Linux 
installed on the machine to make this work.  I also found this thread in the 
forum .... 
Conor, if you're out there - let me know if I'm wrong.  I'll be one happy, 
happy girl if I can get this to work.  I do have RH 9 on my desktop if that 

Thanks for any assistance you guys can give!

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