[Techtalk] moving to iptables

rocketgirl wendy.mores at laposte.net
Tue Aug 5 14:21:16 EST 2003

I take care of a RH 7.1 server at a school. The server was installed as 
a fire wall between the main school network and administration so that 
internet could be shared off of one adsl modem.  So the system looks 
like this:

adsl---->school net------>RH firewall and internet (2 eth cards eth0 
towards school network and eth1 towards admin)------>admin

I used ipchains at the time to set up a rudimentary firewall and to 
implement ipmasquerading.

Now I want to put Mandrake 9.1 in place of RH 7.1 and I want to use 
iptables.  I'm looking to put together a much more secure system.  Is it 
possible to ipmasq with iptables like I could with ipchains?  Could 
someone point me in the direction of some good tutorials to help me with 
this migration and the names of some really clear--books for dummys? 
Thanks in advance.


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