[Techtalk] ip addreses on redhat

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That's right. I need to know how ifconfig -a gets ip addresses. I would like
a program that I'm writing to do the same.

Thank you.


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> Hi,
> I believe she might be talking about where the address is stored after
> being configured (by ifconfig or the like).
> Network interfaces are kernel resident, the applications make system
> calls to change certain parameters of the interface.
> Quote:
> Is the IP address being assigned statically or dynamically?
> If it's static, the IP address lives in
> /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-ethX  where X is the interface
> number.
> If the address is being assigned dynamically, then where it's stored
> depends on the dhcp client you're using. The most probable location is
> /var/lib/dhcp, but as I said, that location might vary depending on the
> client. In any case, it will be stored somewhere in /var, not /proc
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