[Techtalk] Kmail is buggin me

iriXx dev_null at iriXx.org
Sat Aug 2 00:33:07 EST 2003

umm... i might be barking up the wrong tree here as i've never used 
imap, but i used to create folders by right-clicking on the folder 
tree... and then i could select these in the filters....?


Doc Nielsen wrote:

> Hey ya'll
> I got a little problem with my new Kmail
> I have an imap account on my server (dovecot) my filters are working just fine
> with both Outlook (and Express) and Mozilla -mail.
> However, when i want kmail to filter mail from *linuxchix.org to the linuxchix
> folder, it doesnt! :-( boohoohoo
> I've tried creating the filters, but the only folders i can select are the
> ones in "Local Folders", not the ones in my imap account
> Does any of you chix-readers have a good idea. and believe me, i've googled
> all day for an answer...
> - Doc
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