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Raj Shekhar rajshekhar3007 at yahoo.co.in
Fri Aug 1 16:57:28 EST 2003

Tracie Edelson writes 
> I can see the samba server in Network Neighborhood but any attempt 
> to view shares or connect to shares results in errors: the computer
> not available, network error 59...I am not sure what else to test?

If u search the microsoft site for error 59, this is what it has to

--Start quote--
Error 59 When Changing Password with NET PASSWORD Command
The information in this article applies to:

    * Microsoft Windows 98
    * Microsoft Windows 95

This article was previously published under Q237433 

This behavior occurs if the client does not contact the primary
domain controller (PDC). When the NET PASSWORD command is used on a
Windows 95/98 computer, the computer incorrectly attempts to resolve
a NetBIOS domainname entry, rather than the appropriate

Clients must contact the PDC to change a password. The most common
problem that occurs when you attempt to change your password is that
the name of the PDC is incorrectly resolved. This is usually done
with a query for the domainname[1B] entry, and is often unsuccessful
if the PDC is not on the same subnet as the client and an Lmhosts
file or Windows Internet Name Service (WINS) server is not correctly
implemented. However, this problem usually results in an error
message similar to the following example:

Last Reviewed:	8/6/2002
Keywords:	kbprb KB237433

--End quote--

Someone on the list suggested that Tracie should look into smbpasswd.
But I do not think it is a problem. In case auser is not found Samba
says ACCESS_DENIED (or something similar)

Raj Shekhar

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